Measure and maximize your sponsorship value tracks and reports engagement, logo-exposure, mentions value across all media in real-time to better guide your sponsorship decisions.

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Capture sponsorship value the smart way

See everything. Real-time.

Keep track of every engagement, exposure, impression and mention in one "live" dashboard across all kinds of media, including a wide range of online, social and off-line media. shows all of your sponsorship assets and insights in a single, comprehensive view accessible anywhere and in real-time.

Capture everything. A.I style.

Our smart algorithms help to detect and valuate logo exposure across broadcast, social media, press and relevant websites. It also uses audio recognition to detect and valuate mentions across popular podcasts, radio and TikTok. capture all of your sponsorship value. All to help you capture more of the value created in your sponsorships.

Compare ROI. Decide wisely.

Sponsorship is a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. Thats why we built Foocus to help brands and sponsors measure the true value of sponsorships with metrics that are comparable to other marketing investments.

Be in the know. Always.

With Foocus you will always know whats up.  Foocus lets you export reports in XLS, PPT or PDF in pre-built templates, or automate reporting through triggered email.  

One platform to serve all

Our intuitive, modular and flexible interface puts you in the driver's seat, allowing customization to match your preferences effortlessly.


Automate reporting and compare ROI to other marketing investments

Foocus help brands and sponsors measure the true value of sponsorships in a way that is comparable to other marketing investments.


Document commercial value to get the best sponsorship deals

Foocus helps sports teams and associations focus on the things that maximizes fan engagement and commercial value.


Know your worth and how grow your personal brand

Foocus lets Athletes and Influencers know the value of their personal brand while using machine learning to identify and recommend ways to increase value further.

Simplifying sponsorship valuation

Sponsorship valuation has always been kind of tricky, and has gotten more complex as the digital and social landscape evolves. have a new approach to reliable and valide sponsorship ROI calculation. Our platform will help you improve and simplify your sponsorship decisions, measurements and reporting.

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