Grow and control your sponsorship value creation with Foocus

As a brand and sponsor, you always need to measure the value and ROI of your sponsorships and be able to compare it to other marketing investments. Sponsorship is a tool and tactic that should be used to drive brand awareness and build brand relationships that help achieve your marketing goals. Therefore, we built Foocus to help brands and sponsors measure the true value of sponsorships in a way that is comparable to other marketing investments.
Foocus measures value creation across all media, both TV, press, digital and social near real-time, and gives access to metrics that fit your specific sponsorship goals, whether it´s awareness, engagement, brand attitudes or access to specific audiences.

Live dashboards

Keep track of your different sponsorship entities and monitor the brand exposure, audience engagement and value creation near real time so you can adjust activation to maximise return on investment.

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Key benefits of using Foocus

  • Comparable KPIs - Compare the impact of sponsorships with other marketing initiatives

  • Holistic measurement - Capture value creation across TV, press, web and social media channels

  • Near real time - Be able to adjust sponsorship activation in time to maximise brand impact

  • Portfolio overview - Control your sponsorship portfolio in one unified view

  • Audience insights - Get to know the audiences that engages in the brand better

  • Automated reporting - Generate reports in seconds in either Excel, PowerPoint or PDF